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3 Golden Rules of Gig Success on m

Promoting Your Gig fiverr has grown to some pretty amazing heights! When I think about business and entrepreneurship, Im one that used to love cutting the middleman out. Ive realized over time that this isnt the best model for success, because we all need other people to buy and like the things we create. Any request for customer service results in a fail page, considering the considerate press fiverr is receiving you'd have to be living under a rock to have not heard of m in the last 6 months, but after using the service a few times I can see none of these websites actually bothered to use the site before publishing glowing reviews. By Dion Lynk, everyone knows about it, everyone seems to be creating a gig, but does everyone succeed as a seller at m? Im Dion, a level two (and growing) graphic designer with one of the best start-ups this side of heaven: m, a marketplace where you can sell and buy things starting at a paltry 5. "But this seller has 99 feedback, must be good, right?" Wrong:  sellers create a fake buyer account and buy from themselves and leave positive feedback.  Unlike eBay who check personal information and ban people using the same address or credit card, fiverr only requires an email to buy or sell so it only takes a second to create a fake. Having Your Gig Ordered and Interacting with Buyers, yep, it just happened! Someone starting a business, looking for a unique gift, or needing that thing you offer just purchased your gig! Fiverr has built a reputation as the most reliable middleman on the web, because their business model is extremely intriguing to a very broad scope of people. If youd like to send your special someone a unique gift that says I love you, why not order one of the many tailor made gigs that will do so in that special. Ive done both buying and selling, but Ive done much more selling, so Ill provide you a glimpse into what I believe it takes to be a successful seller. I am not the most monetarily successful fiverr seller, and I dont guarantee anything.