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The Dos And Don'ts Of Writing An Online Dating Profile Rebecca

7. Show at least one full-body picture of yourself. I dont give a crap whether you look like Christina Aguilera 2011 or Christina Aguilera 2013. Embrace your body, look self-confident, and they will come.

Just sayin. If you like this, please follow me on twitter and Facebook and buy my book when it comes out this October. Wow, me too! And then I Fing meet you and youre like lets go see some weird ass indie flick thats in Swahili (Holy crap, I spelled that word right on the first try?! I keep waiting for the red squiggly line to appear under it) and Im like, uhhhh, no, lets go see a normal movie, and youre like but I thought you said you like movies, and Im like yeah but not that kind. Or if youre not ready for that, just photoshop your head onto Halle Berrys body and post that shit. I guarantee a bunch of guys will swoon over you and as soon as they meet you in person theyll be won over by your sparkling personality and wont care that your picture was a total sham. Youre not Justin Bieber. Unless you ARE Justin Bieber and youre reading this in which case, holy crap, Justin Bieber is reading my blog. And please stop wearing your pants so low. Ennnnnh, no. Cause that kind of picture just screams, Heyyy, Im such a loser I dont have any friends to take a picture of me! I dont give a rats ass if Justin Bieber does it.