Reporting services writing custom code -

Integrating.NET Code and SQL Server Reporting Services

For this example the value property is given below: Figure 5: Add Reference dialog box. CoDeReportingLibrary. codeReportingFunctions. getCustomerOrderCount _ (Fields! String Once you have specified the proper syntax for calling your library you can preview your report. To create the class library for this example, do the following: From Visual Studio create a new Class Library Project in your language of choice. Name this project CoDeReportingLibrary. Rename the class created by default to CodeReportingFunctions. The code in Listing 1 demonstrates accessing data from SQL Server and returning it to the report. After adding the code from Listing 1 to the report you can test it by adding a new column to the report. In these scenarios we will have to write our own functions. In this article I will demonstrate how to add custom code to ssrs. Using SQL Server 2008 R2 Business Intelligence Studio, using, custom Code inside a report: In this article we will consider a scenario where we want to design a KPI using custom code inside a report using. This signifies that a reference to the assembly containing the System. Data.SqlClient. SqlConnection class is missing. To fix this issue you need to add references to the System. Data and System.

The output for the CompanyName displays in upper case. If you dont like editing code using small dialog boxes, you have another mechanism for editing embedded report code. In the Solution Explorer, right-click the report and select View Code from the provided pop-up menu. There are numerous circumstances when we wish to add a custom function to a. Ssrs report in order to cater for needs of the customer which exceeds the capability of the built-in functions in ssrs.

From the Report Layout toolbar, select the Data tab. Select New Dataset from the Dataset drop-down list. In the provided dialog box, name the dataset NorthwindCustomers and specify CodeNorthwindDataSource in the Data source drop-down list.