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We can help create engaging song lyrics, and also advise about how they will best fit with musical arrangements. Advertising Agencies, our lyric writers arrange music and create lyrics for TV and online adverts, You Tube videos and video conferences.

Unsigned Musicians, we can either create song lyrics, or advise musicians on how they can strengthen existing song lyrics to stand a greater chance of record-label interest. Were often contacted by musicians who write great music, but find it tough to write emotion-grabbing, memorable lyrics. We create jingles with compelling lyrics that drive sales, and being musicians, our lyric writers know how to write music that creates positive emotions. We dont just write lyrics. Our full range of music writing services include: Session musicians, compostition and arrangement.

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Online Song Lyric Writers, we write song lyrics for record labels and advertising agencies, and believe our song lyric writers are some of the best in the business. Our ghost musicians have worked with: Sugababes, robert Plant and Jimmy Page, lee Scratch Perry. Al Green, tha Alkoholics, all our lyric writers are musicians, as well as writers, and have worked with major record labels. You can meet your song lyric writer online and work remotely, or hire a lyric writer to work in the studio with you. Recording, mastering and mixing, want free advice about ghostwriting music? Email or call us now. 100 authentic. Your academic standing makes our name. We are extremely  conscious of the dangers of plagiarism. Keeping your academic reputation spotless is as  significant to us as it is to you.