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Your lab report can include different graphs, diagrams, charts, illustrations and so on. In the introduction you need to present a main idea of your future work. In this part you need to explain an aim and objectives of the lab. Wed Mar 19 14:30 the first ever Sundance Institute Episodic Story Lab will be held in Fall 2014 at the Sundance Resort in Utah. 3, robert Redford is the President Founder of the Sundance Institute. "As more of those artists look to the opportunities intelevision and online platforms, it is only natural that we expand our labs to address the unique needs of serializedwork.". Michelle Satter, the Founding Director of the Institute's Feature Film Program, organized the new initiative with the help of Institute Trustee Lyn Lear and her husband, television producer Norman Lear. Serialized stories with both dramatic and comedic content will be supported. "Sundance Institute has always worked todevelop and support a next generation of independent artists said Robert Redford, the President and Founder of Sundance Institute.

"We are excited to learn from all of our Labparticipants, mentors and creators in the field in our pilot year, and we look forward to building out the year-roundsupport system for our writing fellows, where the program will have the greatest impact.". You need to explain why you conducted an experiment and show the results of this experiments. You must use additional sources of information such as reference books, encyclopedias, textbooks, newspapers and journals, scientific publications and so on. The Sundance Institute announced today an expansion in its independent artists labs to include a program for television writers and creators. Aimed to support both TV and online platforms, the first Sundance Institute Episodics Story Lab will be held in Fall 2014 at the Sundance Resort in Utah.