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I wrote about poetry and literature and then branched out into chemistry, despite having no scientific background. I found that my ability to do research, a chore when I was a student in the 1990s, has greatly improved now that I can skip slogging to the library and find scholarly articles online from the comfort of my sofa.

I couldnt have cared less about her motivations. She had me at 100. My next client, whom I actively solicited on Craigslist, wanted me to write an ethics paper. She had no idea this entailed irony of any kind. Now that phrase I didnt write; I stole it from Dorothy Parker.

(I went to an Eastern Seaboard safety school. Sorry, theres no honor among cheaters.) The work flooded in. I wrote about Dickens and Hawthorne, having to re-read the latter and discovering anew my hatred for his old-school misogynist claptrap.

It began innocently. Having tutored writing at a small private school, I decided to offer my services to the larger market via Craigslist. Soon, a prospect contacted me. Can you just write the paper for me? How do I apply? Please head over to the application form. Have your resume and samples of your writing handy. I feel that sparing an instructor these sentences may redeem me: World War II happened hundreds of years ago. Hitler had some good ideas in a business-y kind of way. Will I continue this work long term? I have to. Im all Ive got, and I will do whatever it takes to avoid living in my car and eating cat food. (And to satisfy my middle-class aspirations: I still want cable television and a good cell plan, sadly.) Ive learned that people will do almost anything to avoid work they dont enjoy, and if that includes paying.