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After working with labels such as Universal and Atlantic Records we are now bringing this to you. Providing you the artist with both instrumental and lyrics also a demo recording of the song, but that's not all you will be given full exclusive rights of each song in genres such as pop, r b, rock, dance, gospel, reggae and ballad.

Want to put a band together? Looking for other musicians in your area? Looking for used instruments? Have a service you want to offer to other musicians and songwriters? Then feel free to post your request here.

There are no easy rides! Please do the research required to locate someone you feel can help your career. Do not expect that person to suddenly e-mail you out of the blue after you make a posting here.

I can help you in the following areas: 1. You need help with melody, chords, structure, or overall concept. 2. You have the basic lyrics and melody but you can't find the right chords 3. The size of your post won't be limited as it is here. :- before you post - there are a few rules here: I apologize folks. Due to the huge number of postings placed on this classifieds that are really not appropriate, I feel.

I need to spell out some things. This is important: This Classified listing is NOT for beginning performers to locate a manager, producer, or someone who will make them a "star". Thank you kindly. Rick Brown date: Oct 03, 2015 by Songsculptor  song doctor m Professional services for songwriters: As a producer and arranger I work with songwriters helping them improve and finish their songs as well as making their songs sound more professional.