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This is why people with Attention Deficit Disorder, taking Ritalin, do not experience a high from their medication and therefore do not abuse it (New Research). There are many cases where people who do not need to take it, abuse Ritalin.

The main symptoms of ADD include inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Inattentive people have a hard time focusing on one task and may get bored with it after only a few minutes.

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There is no information on the long-term outcomes of medication-treated adhd individuals in terms of educational and occupational achievements, involvement with the police, or other areas of social functioning (nimh adhd-Questions and Answers). In fact, it has been around for about thirty years and increasingly prescribed to treat Attention Deficit Disorder. Since 1990, Ritalin production is up 700 percent, and nearly 15 percent of Americas school-age children are using psychiatric prescription drugs (Colgan 61).