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So how are you supposed to create so much content? With the rise of inbound marketing, one of the most popular options is to outsource and automate. Consider these 10 reasons to use reputable article writing services in your content marketing strategy. 9. You Own All Rights, when you purchase articles from an article writing firm, you own all the rights to all articles. That means you can publish or reuse or edit any way you like, plus all the expertise-building and time-saving benefits of outsourcing. 5. Get More Time. Like hitting two birds with one stone, outsourcing your blog and article writing frees up your time to work on other projects. That way, your blog and articles keep running like a well-oiled machine, and you can focus on bigger content marketing initiatives. If youve been online for any amount of time recently, you know content marketing is the way to goit increases website traffic and saves you money over traditional advertising costs. So you brainstorm content topic ideas and create a strategy, and then you realize: Thats a lot of content. A team of independent writers can also stay on top of the many changing aspects of your industry better than you can by yourself. Because of this, content they create for you helps you appear on the cutting edge, building credibility and thought leadership.

8. Custom Articles at Affordable Prices. Outsourcing wont help you if the content that comes back is plagiarized, poorly written, or incorrect. The best article writing services deliver high quality, well researched, custom articles on time and at affordable rates.

3. Spread Business Awareness, one of the major reasons you should be blogging and writing articles is to build backlinks and improve search engine rankings. Using article writing services to accomplish this takes care of a basic purpose of content marketing.

Thats a lot of content on your plate, right? Ask yourself how long it would take you to: Research each content project, gather materials for each, write each piece of content, if the time it would take, or the thought of trying to calculate it, gives you a headache, save yourself the trouble with outsourced article writing services.