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Community Service Assignment / Community Service PE Assignment

The following are examples of acceptable activities: Tutoring students, participating in neighborhood improvement, making care packages for military personnel. Instructing senior citizens on computer use, preparing or serving food, cleaning up rivers or parks. Sargent or Ms. Spinner byMay 30, 2014. Former students who did not complete this requirement did not graduate even if they successfully completed all coursework. Please don't r more information see the dcps guidelines.

The District of Columbia was one of the first large urban school districts in the country to include community service as a graduation requirement. The Board of Education also recognized that academic learning is more meaningful when it can be applied to real life situations. Contributing a donation (e.g., giving food, clothing, money, etc performing any activity where a student receives payment, spending time coming up with or identifying a community service project. Taking part in any activities organized by the school as part of school-sponsored activities such as: Student government meetings, campaigns, or general activIties, practicing, playing, or being a member of a marching. Examples of Acceptable Activities, there are a wide variety of activities that may be performed to fulfill the community service requirement. If you are unsure about an activity, please contact your counselor.

Name of student, number of community service hours performed and the dates, type of activity. Organization Tax ID name and contact information of the on-site supervisor, serve as a point of contact for the student and the coordinator with regard to the community service hours performed. The dcps Community Service and Project Hours Form is available to download below. Students are encouraged to turn in the forms as they complete them instead of all at one time. Examples of Unacceptable Activities, there are some activities that may be "nice to do but will not be counted toward fulfillment of the community service requirement. The following are examples of activities thatwill notbe approved: Attending a club meeting or event, babysitting, performing chores, hair styling and/or braiding, or dish washing.